Gästebuch 2014 – 2002

Date: 22-12-2014
Name: Jon Strickler
From: Gilbert, AZ, US
Comments: Originally from Hellam, York County, PA, US but have been living in Arizona for the past 20 years.
Date: 14-11-2014
Name: Chuck Strickland
From: North Carolina, US
Comments: I am presently a Strickland, but familty name at other times have been Strickler, Stricklen, Stricklan, etc. I think original patriarch lived and died (1796) in Hardy County, WV. I am lookibg for info on him and decensdents. I emailed Frank Duff and he was kind enough to mail me back on some info which is much appreciated. I have some definite history about family in Jackson County, Ohio starting about 1820. I’m looking for info about Joshua between 1800 and 1820. Thanks.
Date: 27-04-2014
Name: Lisa Lakotich-Strickler
From: Germany
Comments: My dad is Oren Dale, Sr. Strickler (b. 02 May 1936, d. 14 Aug 2002) from Ohio
Date: 23-02-2014
Name: Deborah Morrison
From: Miami, FL, US
Comments: My 5th great-grandmother’s maiden name was Susanna Strickler, born in York, PA, US around 1731. I believe her father’s name was Martin, but I haven’t been able to find any information about her parents.
Date: 20-02-2014
Name: Neil C. Smith
From: Cape Coral, FL, US
Comments: I have recently received my copy „Of Sadness and Sorrow“ by Frank W. Duff. I am once again directing my attention to my Strickler ancestors. My paternal grandmother was Martha Cleo Strickler who married Emanuel Smith.
Date: 22-01-2014
Name: Keith Alan Merkey
From: Baltimore, MD, US
Comments: I am a descendant of Anna Catherine Strickler (married to David Kindley Berry) from the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia. I have also visited some of the old cemeteries of the Stricklers up in York County, PA, US.
Date: 09-09-2013
Name: Heinz Strickler
From: Milwaukee, WI, US
Comments: Gruezi and hello Stricklers, my name is Heinz Strickler and moved from Menzingen ZG Switzerland to Milwaukee Wisconsin.
Date: 22-06-2013
Name: Mike W May
From: Michigan, US
Comments: My late wife, Norah L Lumley had a Strickler Grandmother called Bess. They were Weavers descendants from West Virginia.
Date: 24-12-2012
Name: Debra L. Strickler-Strouse
From: Ohio, US
Comments: My father was Charles J. and my Grandfather was Wayne Strickler. I know we are decendents of the Indiana Stricklers but where did they come from?
Date: 08-09-2012
Name: Marion Strickler
From: Illinois, US
Comments: Searching my ancestory from Pennsylvania.
Date: 04-03-2012
Name: Margaret Rose Caro
From: Annapolis, MD, US
Comments: I am the granddaughter of Mary Frances Strickler, born February 5, 1874 in Greene County, PA. She married my grandfather, Charles C. Rose, about 1999. I would love to learn about her relatives and don’t know where to start. Thank you.
Date: 01-03-2012
Name: Joyce Devorss
From: Portsmouth, VA, US
Comments: My Mother is a direct descendent of Abraham Strickler thru Jacob, Samuel, Jacob, Samuel, John and Herbert (her father). I am trying to find the family bible brought with Abraham from Zurich, Switzerland. Also looking for Strickler cemetaries not in Floyd County, VA. Any help is greatly appreciated.
Date: 29-12-2011
Name: Gerald Strickler
From: Woodbridge, Virginia
Comments: Hope to reunite with Stricklers who are decendants of Abraham Strickler of Little Egypt!
Date: 24-12-2011
Name: Lisa Strickler
From: Illinois
Comments: My name is Lisa Strickler, my father was Oren Dale Strickler in Madison County Ohio. I was looking to find out some ancestry for the name Strickler.
Date: 30-08-2011
Name: Victoria Strickler
From: Toronto
Comments: Just wanted to say hi to my fellow Stricklers out there!
Date: 15-07-2011
Name: Dr. David Strickler
From: Davenport, IA
Comments: Always enjoy looking at the Strickler Family site!
Date: 26-05-2011
Name: Geri Moulton
From: Columbus, Ohio
Comments: Am a descendant of Abraham and Benjamin Strickler as well as other Shenandoah Valley families, i.e. Pence, Crabill, Rhodes, Mauk.
Date: 25-04-2011
Name: Jim Hall
From: Georgia USA
Comments: Grandfather Henry Albert Strickler Hanover PA. Mother Estelle Marie Strickler Washington DC. Uncle Claude Strickler Boothwyn PA. Cousins Richard & Claudette Strickler Boothwyn PA. Uncle Richard Wattley. Their Mother died at his birth. He was raised by another family.
Date: 03-04-2011
Name: Kristiana Strickler
From: Norwich, Vermont
Comments: This is so cool! I am a younger generation of Strickler but Ive been looking into this ever since my Dad was saying things about his Pennsylvanian childhood. I didnt know there was so many Stricklers‘, its very cool to see a site like this big grin.
Date: 20-03-2011
Name: Betty Ashley
From: California
Comments: Always interested…..
Date: 05-02-2011
Name: Marian Cox Fearing
From: Ohio
Comments: Am researching my husband’s 5th great grandfather Heinrich Strickeller (Henry Strickler) of Lancaster County, PA and found this Stickler website – especially liked the document about the Strickler name – how it evolved, etc. and the timeline following. Thanks.
Date: 05-01-2011
Name: Steve Staker
From: Pittsburgh, PA
Comments: Greetings, family! I have come across the Strickler family as my ancestry. My mother was adopted, her natural mother was Myrtle Strickler of Madison County, Ohio. She is a direct descendant of Abraham Strickler.
Date: 24-12-2011
Name: Lisa Strickler
From: Illinois
Comments: Hello, My name is Lisa Strickler, my fathers name was Oren Dale Strickler. All from Madison County Ohio.
Date: 01-06-2010
Name: William Edward Strickler
From: 321 Grant, Nemacolin, PA 15351
Comments: Formerly of 345 Hoover Works Rd., McClellandtown, PA.
Date: 08-042010
Name: Steve
From: So. Cal.
Comments: Does anyone have any info/background on the relationship of Martin Strickler (1779 – 1851)relationship with Martin V. Propes (1801 – 1867), my great great grandfather, who he later assumed guardian ship or might have adopted in Apr. 1810 (200 years ago to this date) in Rockingham County, VA. after the death of Martin‘ mother, Eliz. Propst (1776 – 1810). – Or not. Thanks for any direction.
Date: 18-01-2009
Name: Lillian Strickler
From: Hisey Ave, Woodstock, VA 22664, USA
Comments: I have the Strickler family bible dating back to 1860.
Date: 18-01-2009
Name: Hansjakob (Koebi) Strickler
From: Buchs, Zurich, Switzerland
Comments: Wir wünschen allen Besuchern ein glückliches und erfolgreiches 2009! – We wish a happy and successful 2009 to all visitors!
Date: 30-12-2008
Name: Clare Strickler
From: 503 McCabe Ct., Kill Devil Hills, NC 279, USA
Comments: I was married to Charles Strickler of Woodstock, VA. He passed in 1998. I have a Strickler genealogy derived from a book by Harry M. Strickler. It starts with Abraham Strickler in Page County, VA and goes to current time.
Date: 18-12-2008
Name: Casey Jo Strickler
From: Fayette City, PA, USA
Date: 17-12-2008
Name: Charles W. Strickler, Jr.
From: 161 Five Point Road, Robesonia, PA, USA
Comments: Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year to all the Stricklers. Still looking for info. on desendents of my late grandfather Fred D. Strickler, Richland, Lebanon County, PA. Any help appreciated very much.
Date: 26-08-2008
Name: L.J. Everett
Comments: Maurice Jenkins Strickler vice Eugene. Martha’s DOB 3/7/45, Thanks again
Date: 26-08-2008
Name: L.J. Everett
Comments: Looking for information on Eugene Strickler, and/or his two daughters, Martha and Judy Resided in Winter Garden Fl. in 1962-63. Believe family was originally from Northern Kentucky, Tell City In. area. Martha resided in Lexington, KY in 1970’s. Thanks for any help.
Date: 09-08-2008
Name: Strickler Gerald
From: Marktbergstrasse 10, 67229 Großkarlbach, Deutschland
Comments: Hallo, Schön daß es dieses Gästebuch gibt. Gruß an alle Strickler’s, Gerald
Date: 25-07-2008
Name: Kenneth James Strickler
From: 2524 Kimmel Rd, Jackson, MI, USA
Comments: Also live in Nokomis FL in winter months.
Date: 25-03-2008
Name: Patricia Ackerson
From: Tallahassee, Florida, USA
Comments: I am a descendent of an Abraham Strickler who was one of the men who settled the Massanutten valley in Virginia. I was told that he came over from Switzerland before the revolutionary war and I have visited his original log cabin in the valley. Are we talking about the same people?
There is a stile off the road between Luray and Newmarket that commemorates the men who settled the colony and Abraham strickler in named. The date is 1729 and the stile was erected in 1930 by the historical society. I have several pictures from my last trip.
My grandfather Strickler was born in the valley and later settled in northern virginia. Perhaps we are related?
Date: 20-11-2007
Name: Elfi Praetorius
From: Deutschland
Comments: Hallo, ich habe in meiner Ahnentafel auch Strickler stehen. Elisa-Susanna Strickler *18.11.1836, +24.4.1909 müsste die Mutter meiner Oma Olga Winkler *21.6.1883, +28.10.1979 sein. Stimmt das, oder sind Sie eine andere Famielie Strickler. Ihre Elisa-Susanna Strickler hat keinen Oswald Winkler geheiratet. Mit freundlichen Grüßen Elfi Praetorius
Date: 17-11-2007
Name: Rich Noble
From: Pittsburgh, PA, USA
Comments: I just came across this site – most excellent! I am searching for ancestors of Christina Strickler (1765-1853), who died in Bullskin Township, Fayette County, PA; she was the wife of John Rist of Bullskin Township. That is all the info I have, though I’m wondering if her father was Jacob Strickler who moved from Eastern PA to Fayette County in the late 1700s. Any insight would be appreciated.
Date: 14-11-2007
Name: Stephen Duane Strickler
From: Falling Waters, WV, USA
Date: 25-09-2007
Name: Cassie Dee Zaugg
From: 8626 N 259 W, Decatur, Indiana, USA
Comments: Hello, My Grandmother has asked me to be the family historian. so there I am!
Date: 14-07-2007
Name: Geri Moulton
From: 375 Olentangy Forest Drive, Columbus, OH, USA
Comments: Am intrigued by ‚controversy‘ over Benjamin’s wife — Mary Beidler or Mary Funk — have found evidence of both! Appreciate Frank’s work and help to a novice.
Date: 28-06-2007
Name: Roberta Strickler Heter
From: Lompoc, California, USA
Comments: I just visited the guestbook for the first time in quite a while. Had to contact Frank Duff to get the new web address. I am trying to locate Wallace Riley or other descendents of Frances Strickler Riley and Walter Riley. We have lost track of their branch of the Thomas Jefferson Strickler family. Thanks, Bert
Date: 19-04-007
Name: Paul M. Strickler
From: Hudsonville, Michigan, USA
Comments: Howdy all. Stumbled across this site just today. I am a published horror author. I was born in Ludington, Michigan. My family traces back to Ulrich Strickler in the early 1700s.
Date: 17-04-2007
Name: Dr. Gloria K. Strickler Black
From: Tennessee, USA
Comments: I have enjoyed checking in with the family website. I have been tracing my family roots. My family comes from Switzerland.
Date: 11-04-2007
Name: Robert Stricler
From: 23025 S Jack Tone Rd, Ripon, CA 95366, USA
Date: 11-03-2007
Name: Denise Rowland (Strickler)
From: London, England
Comments: I was born in Ephrata Pennsylvania in Jan 1963 and moved to London England in March 1964. I am keen to locate my father Walter Strickler jr. – can anyone help!!! How I can I get started?? – Any advise would be much appreciated.
Date: 09-02-2007
Name: Monette L.Cortez
From: 4624 W. Dover Pl., Las Vegas, NV 89107, USA
Comments: Second visit her. Thanks for all the work done. Have book Forerunners. Been to Fort Egypt. Started in 1990 on my genealogy. Monette L. Cortez
Date: 28-01-2007
Name: Gary Theuret
From: Meadville, PA, USA
Comments: Just Surfed In. You have a very nice site. Trying to expand our family geneology to Europe and seen a Theuret listed in the Strickler Tree. Of course it made me wonder as we’re from the Alsace Lorraine Region of France. I will check back to the site another time. I didn’t find any connection on the American side. Thank You
Date: 09-12-2006
Name: Jason Mark Strickler
From: 1640 North Dakota Road, Iola, KS 66749, USA
Date: 26-09-2006
Name: Jaime Stricler
From: California, USA
Comments: I am a Stricler and have a Book of a lot of People going Way back. My Father was Kenneth l. Stricler. Am related to Conrad, George, Jeremiah, John Wesley, and others. Email if your a relative
Date: 29-07-2006
Name: Geri Moulton
From: 375 Olentangy Forest Drive, Columbus, OH, USA
Comments: I am descended from Stricklers through Michael Roads and his wife.
Date: 26-07-2006
Name: Ron Loraw
From: Costa Rica
Comments: Grandson of Milton C. Strickler and Elizabeth McEheny Strickler
Date: 13-06-2006
Name: Lynna Lobstein
From: 1 Water Dist. Rd. 214, Breckenridge, TX, USA
Comments: I am the granddaughter of Earl and Bertha Strickler. Earl Strickler was from Arkansas. If you knew him, I would love to hear from you.
Date: 20-03-2006
Name: Kenneth Eugene Strickler
From: 3125 La Mancha Way, Henderson, NV, USA
Date: 17-01-2006
Name: Gerald Strickler
From: Marktbergstrasse 10, 67229 Großkarlbach, Pfalz, Deutschland
Date: 12-01-2006
Name: Romi De Ambrosis-Strickler
From: 5025 Asp, Schweiz
Comments: Ich wünsche allen Stricklers der Welt ein gutes 2006!
Date: 19-10-2005
Name: Larry Strickler
From: Des Moines, Iowa, USA
Date: 19-10-2005
Name: David Micah Strickler
From: Iowa City, Iowa, USA
Comments: Just looking on the internet and came to this site. Wow! A lot of Stricklers out there. Keep them coming. I’m very proud of the Strickler name.
Date: 06-10-2005
Name: Dr. Gloria K. Strickler Black
From: Cordova, TN, USA
Comments: I enjoy re-visiting the family site from time to time. Our branch of the family came from Switzerland to USA via PA.
Date: 14-09-2005
Name: Kim Boyko
From: 11373 125th Terrace Largo, FL, USA
Comments: Looking for family of Nancy Ann Strickler married Michael Rhodes. Nancy’s father was Benjamin Strickler, Mother Mary Beidler. Thanks
Date: 06-09-2005
Name: Sarah Maria Strickler
From: Roosweidstrasse, Wollerau, SZ, CH
Comments: Bin au en Strickler !
Date: 03-08-2005
Name: Daniel Dennison
From: Evanston, IL, USA
Comments: Strickler ancestory. Assumption has always been in the family that they were of Swiss ancestory as the other family names on my mother’s side were Rahn, Moyer, and Landis.
Date: 01-08-2005
Name: Samantha G Strickler Hadden
From: 4310 East Lake Park Dr., Hernando, FL 34442, USA
Date: 12-07-2005
Name: Raymond J. Groves
From: Philadelphia, PA, USA
Comments: Would like any information, on my great grandmother, Martha G, Strickler. Born in 1856, in Egypt, Page County, VA. Her father was, David H. Strickler, her mother, Amanda Flemings. Her son, my grandfather, was David M. Grove, born in 1879. Thank you
Date: 17-06-2005
Name: G.Joseph and Doris H. Strickler
From: 6433 Auburn Avenue, Bradenton, FL 34207, USA
Comments: Just found this web sight. Would love to know about Rueben Strickler from Shenandoah County, VA born Aug.20 1796 or 1797 died Jan.30, 1884 Had four sons, John, George, Martin, Henry.
Date: 30-05-2005
Name: Mary Burton
From: Los Angeles, CA, USA
Comments: Growing up in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, I knew General Strickler. He was a delightful man. The General and Mrs. Strickler were close and dear friends of my grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. H. Harold Sheaffer and „Kitty“ Katharine (nee Meyers). It was a pleasure to read and see the General’s „Portrait.“ It is only now, during the 60th anniversary of the end of WWII, that I understand the tremendous impact of leadership and contributions General Strickler has given us all.
Date: 13-05-2005
Name: Sylvia Hemry Benson
Comments: My grandmother was a Strickler and I have been trying to trace her genealogy.
Date: 13-05-2005
Name: Strickler Jean
From: Opfikon, ZH, CH
Comments: Ein grosses Kompliement an die Strickler Ahnenforscher. Der neue Link verführt zu einem längerem Aufenthalt. Super die Aufmachung und sehr verständlich auch das Handling. Chapeau.
Date: 12-05-2005
Name: Romi De Ambrosis-Strickler
From: Asp, AG, CH
Comments: Eigentlich schon komisch: Weshalb schreibt beinahe nie jemand aus der Schweiz in dieses Gästebuch??? Sind die Schweizer so scheu?
Date: 19-04-2005
Name: Elizabeth Strickler
From: Columbus, Ohio, USA
Comments: I am looking for relatives of Isaac Strickler from Madison Township in Ohio. Peter Strickler may have been his father???
Date: 06-04-2005
Name: Kelly Berry
From: 2295 Hope Circle, Waldorf, MD,USA
Comments: Amazing guestbook i must confess my first friends all world over.
Date: 10-03-2005
Name: Ed Stomboc
From: Sistersville, WV, USA
Comments: Nice site. I am the great grandson of Ollie Strickler Broyles. John Vogt, of Iberian Press fame, is my cousin.
Date: 22-02-2005
Name: Ulga Strickler
From: 950 St.Petersburg, Russia
Date: 11-01-2005
Name: Kandy Strickler-Moore
From: Cobb Island, MD, USA
Comments: Love the site. Im originally from PA, searching for information on Charles J. Strickler born in Florida and moving to Ashtabula County, OH. He was Born in 1870 and died June 10, 1933. Any information would be appreciated. Would love to connect with any other decendants of Charles J. Strickler.
Date: 08-01-2005
Name: Rock E. Alger
From: Oroville, CA, USA
Comments: Found my great great grand-father James F. Alger while researching a photo of Annie E.Strickler passed on to me. I have more information on the current line of descendants of the Alger Family. Names,Births,Locations,etc. The Strickler web-site was interesting!
Date: 08-01-2005
Name: Lacey Strickler
Comments: I am just beginning to search more about my family history. I know that I am related to an Abraham Strickler and a Henry Strickler from Lancastor County in Pennsylvania. If anyone has more information about these Stricklers I would like to hear about it! Just e-mail me!
Date: 15-12-2004
Name: Jack Strickler
From: 2355 Osbun Rd. San Bernadino, CA 9240
Date: 14-12-2004
Name: Heidi Zlab
From: Iowa, USA
Comments: Annie Maria Strickler b 20 Jan 1849 PA was my great grandmother.
Date: 10-12-2004
Name: Maureen Motley
Comments: I was married to Sam Strickler of Meridian MS from 1972-82. His father Dudley Strickler was born in Middletown Indiana in 1905. He graduated from the US Military Academy, was in the cavalry and served in China doing the 1930’s. He was killed in battle at the outset of WWII in the Phillipines under the command of General Wainwright who remembered „Dud“ as a courageous officer. Sam has a sister Sally Strickler Sullivan who lives in Hattiesburg MS.
Date: 10-12-2004
Name: James Roy Strickler II
From: Oregon, OH, USA
Comments: This web site is pretty cool I had no idea that there were so many people from all over world with Strickler as a last name I enjoyed viewing this site.
Date: 12-11-2004
Name: Robert Werner
From: Indiana, PA, USA
Comments: My Great-grandmother was Sarah Elizabeth Strickler born 1858 in Virginia. (my great-grandfather Park C. Werner of Ohio). On the internet, found linkages to Sarah’s father, David J. Strickler (born 1816 in VA). Her maternal line goes back to the Gatewoods of Luray & Page County. Can anyone validate that her „Stricklers“ are the same as discussed on this site? Does anyone have a line traced back from Sarah, to David, etc.? Thanks to anyone willing to help.
Date: 22-10-2004
Name: J Downing Wtttke
From: Happy Valley, OR, USA
Comments: Hi there! My grandfather was William Strickler Downing, son of Emma Hope Strickler, the daughter of Joseph Woodward Strickler. I would love to share information with other descendents of J. W. Strickler
Date: 10-10-2004
Name: Robert Obed Strickler III
From: Media, PA, USA
Comments: Hello, nice site here, not sure how to go about locating a family history, maybe someone can help me, besides my immediate family I can only trace back to my Great Grandfather Obediah Strickler who was shunned from the Amish faith somewhere in Lancaster PA, I believe he had a brother. his parents died early in his life and he had to be raised by his aunt and uncle, whom he disliked very much, hence why he left and was shunned. Any help would be great.
Date: 22-09-2004
Name: Janet Strickler
From: 2805 Ridgefield Street, N.E. RKE,VA 24012, USA
Comments: It’s great to find a Web Sight to get Family Information from.
Date: 17-09-2004
Name: Cynthia Strickler
From: California, USA
Comments: Just found this site. I find it interesting. A cousin of mine told me about the Swiss connection which is a new way of thinking for me. I always thought we were from Germany. I don’t know too much about my lineage but according to my cousin I am somehow related to Red Skelton. Don’t know if that comes from a Strickler influence of another branch of the family.
Date: 12-09-2004
Name: Teena Dale (Strickler) Bowers
From: HC 72 Box 205, Franklin, WV, USA
Comments: This is my second guestbook signing. I am the great grand daughter of William Madison Strickler [4-18-1853 to 9-17-1923] and Mary Ann (Linkswiler) Strickler [9-1-1855 to 11-27-1924]. My father is Glenn William Strickler of Westernport, Md. I am in need of info on William Madison’s parents, James and Rebecca (Anderson) Strickler. My father’s cousin, Mary La Rue, did extensive research on our family, but she has since passed and I no longer have access to her records. Any info pertaining to William Madison’s line would be helpful. Thank You.
Date: 02-09-2004
Name: John David Strickler
From: 224 Payne Ave., Georgetown, KY 40324, USA
Comments: Hi, my name is John. I was wondering if i am related to any of you? My Dad is Delbert Ray Strickler junior and his Dad was Delbert Ray and his Dad was John Oren Strickler, all lived in Kentucky and Indiana. Thanks!
Date: 30-08-2004
Name: Dr. Gloria K. Strickler Black
From: 1138 N Germantown Pkwy. #101-299, USA
Comments: Direct Descendant of the Swiss German speaking family Strickler. My father, grandfather all come from Switzerland. The web site is fascinating!
Date: 25-07-2004
Name: Neil Conard Smith
From: 857 SE 41ST ST, Cape Coral, FL 33904-522, USA
Comments: I am a fourth great grandson of Heinrich Strickler the immigrant to the U.S. I look forward to fully exploring the site. Thank you for providing it.
Date: 13-07-2004
Name: Beverly Hart
From: Vienna, VA, USA
Comments: My great-great grandmother is Caroline Strickler, the daughter of Henry Strickler, the son of Joseph Kauffman Strickler, the son of Jacob Ruffner Strickler, the son of Abraham Strickler.
Date: 08-07-2004
Name: Christine Marie Strickler
From: North Carolina, USA
Comments: This site is great, I love learning more about the root of who I am. Even though I just got married and am now a Czarnik, I will forever be a Strickler. I lived in Pennsylvania, just moved to N.C.
Date: 06-07-2004
Name: Sharon Strickler Holbrook
From: 11032 S. Albany, Chicago, IL 60655, USA
Comments: My father is Harry Strickler, 75, of Colusa Ca. He was the only child of Harry and Ruth Strickler.
Date: 08-06-2004
Name: Chelsea Tustison
Comments: My grandpa was Edward Strickler. He passed away 11/01
Date: 12-05-2004
Name: Donald Schneider
From: Ohio, USA
Comments: I am a descendant of Barbara Strickler 1735-1822 and her husband, Henry Lichty, 1731/32-1813 Lancaster County, PA. I have data for their descendants.
Date: 11-05-2004
Name: Bobbie
From: Tulsa, OK, USA
Comments: My grandmother’s grandparents were Reuben Kiser and Margaret Strickler from Page County VA who in 1849 moved with their children to IA. Reuben is in the Kiser genealogy on the internet (Michael Kiser…. a magnificent achievement). Peggy is in the printed Strickler genealogy by H Strickler. In one of his books H Strickler mentions the Strickler Bible. Does anyone know if this Bible still exists?
Date: 28-04-2004
Name: Joyce Jennings Devorss
From: 4213 Bart Street, Portsmouth, VA 23707, USA
Comments: My mother was Myra Marie (Strickler) Jennings born Floyd County, Virginia, October 11, 1915. Her parents were Herbert Hall Strickler and Luanna (Hall) Strickler. Appreciate any info anyone has. We have more info, but as we just moved, it is still packed. Will share more in June, after I go to my sister’s and get her copy of it.
Date: 20-04-2004
Name: Teena Dale (Strickler) Bowers
From: Hc 72 Box 205, Franklin, WV 26807, USA
Comments: Enjoyed looking through this site. It is a must for anyone with our family name. I am a descendent of Christian Strickler, b.1779, d.1828 in Augusta County, Virginia. He married Mary Geldmaker (Moneymaker) in 1800 in Rockbridge County, Virginia.
Date: 14-04-2004
Name: Tom O’Brien
From: Oregon City, OR, USA
Comments: I am the great-great grandson of Karolina STRICKLER who was born 10 Aug 1811 in Ettenheim, Ortenau, Baden, Germany.
Date: 29-01-2004
Name: Susan Strickler
From: Phoenix, AZ, USA
Comments: Looking for information on Joseph Frank Strickler, who emigrated from Germany in 1880; married Sarah Sprague in 1888 in Canton, IL and owned a bakery. He was also a Grand Master of the Masons Lodge in Canton. His grandfather was the Buergermeister (mayor) of Baden-Baden Germany and also owned a bakery. My father (Joseph Lyle Strickler) recently passed; he was very proud of the Strickler name and was instrumental in the development of early Arizona, but did not know much about his heritage. I’m beginning this journey as a way to stay connected with him. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Date: 06-01-2004
Name: Romi De Ambrosis-Strickler
From: Asp, AG, Switzerland
Comments: Das Website-Team wünscht allen Besuchern dieser Homepage ein gutes und glückliches Jahr 2004. – The Team of the Strickler website wishes a happy 2004 to all the visitors of this site.
Date: 16-12-2003
Name: Edwin Vogt
From: 78 Moreland, Little Falls, NY 13365, USA
Comments: Desire to have my books published with Iberian and need to know if John Vogt still thrives at the business.
Date: 08-12-2003
Name: Edward F. Strickler III
From: California, USA
Comments: Son of Edward F. Strickler II and Diane O’Dell S of Wilmington, Delaware, grandson of Henry Albert Strickler of Pittsburgh, Pa., currently live in Northern California.
Date: 20-11-2003
Name: Sarah Strickler
From: Dorfstrasse 4, 8835 Feusisberg, Zurich, Switzerland
Comments: Hallo zusammen, ich bin 13 Jahre alt und interessiere mich sehr fuer meinen Stammbaum oder weit entfernte Verwandte! Schreibt mir doch bitte per Post oder wenn es nicht anders geht per e-mail! Ich wuerde mich sehr freuen!! Liebe Gruesse Sarah
Date: 13-11-2003
Name: Karen Werner
From: Arlington, VA, USA
Comments: On my mother’s side of the family, i am related to Mary Alice Strickler born 24 Nov 1870 on Walker’s Creek, Rockbridge County, Virginia, and her mother Rebecca Jane Strickler.
Date: 11-11-2003
Name: Kelly Strickler
From: USA
Comments: Today when I was looking up my last name I came across this site. I think this is a great idea talking to other Stricklers. My parents are Larry and Sue Strickler, my grandparents are Russell and Wilda Strickler. We all live in Michigan.
Date: 07-11-2003
Name: Richard D. Strickler JR.
From: 1876 Hilding Ave., San Leandro, CA 94577, USA
Comments: My Biological father, Richard Strickler of Smithville, Ohio (1967), split up up with my mother, Suzanne Lee Mills, weeks after i was born (6-30-67). I’m interested in medical history for my two children. I’m also interested in the well being of my kin.
Date: 27-10-2003
Name: Joyce Crane
From: Quincy, WA, USA
Comments: I am the granddaughter of Ernest Roy Strickler, born Nov. 3, 1892 in Illinios. USA, died July, 1963 in Springdale, WA, USA.
Date: 25-09-2003
Name: Kenneth Daniel Strickler, Jr.
From: Ormond Beach, FL, USA
Comments: Just surfing and saw the web site. I am probably a relative. I am from Ohio originally, and our family reputedly has ties to the Stricklers of Pennsylvania
Date: 09-10-2003
Name: Henry M. Strickler
From: P.O. Box 8633, Spokane, WA 99203, USA
Comments: Hi, i just came across this site and wanted to see who I’m related to. Currently located in Spokane, Washington, USA. I’ll have to spend more time here to learn about the family tree. Please e-mail with questions. thank you
Date: 21-07-2003
Name: Charles W. Strickler Jr.
From: 161 Five Point Road, Robesonia, PA, USA
Comments: Hello, Again! My wife Sandy and I have two sons: Christopher Alan (who has a son Lunden Damon) and Todd Michael (married to Coleen. They have two children: Courtney A. & Tyler Mathew). I am interested in any information on ancestors before my Grandfather, Fred D. Strickler, Richland, Lebanon County, Pa., married to Helen (Klopp) Strickler.
Date: 24-06-2003
Name: Jennifer Strickler
From: Florida, USA
Comments: I had no idea their were more of „us“!!! Interested in hearing from Floridian or Pennsylvanian Stricklers.
Date: 20-06-2003
Name: Maggie Strickler Newson aka Ann Margueri
From: 251 Sylvania Place, Westfield, NJ 07090, USA
Comments: I am daughter of Paul Johnson Strickler, born l/12/1897. Grandaughter of Lyman Strickler & Minnie Mae Eckman; great grandaughter of Harrison Strickler. This is line from Henry; shown in book Stricklers of Pennsylvania.
Date: 18-06-2003
Name: Carolyn Strickler Hill
From: 5101 South Oak ave., Broken Arrow, OK 74011, USA
Comments: Would like to hear from arkansas stricklers.
Date: 15-06-2003
Name: Patrick Knobloch
From: 103 rte de la wantzenau, Strasbourg 67000, France
Comments: Ich habe in meinem Stammbaum Vaterseits folgende Namen:
MARIA Strickler, Tochter von:
ANDREAS Strickler, Sohn von
CASPAR Strickler, Sohn von
OSTWALD Strickler und BARBARA Bollseger
PETER – WOLFGANG – BARBARA Strickler, Geschwister von CASPAR.
Alle in Elsenheim im Elsass (Frankreich).
Date: 23-05-2003
Name: Roberta Strickler Heter
From: 1732 Tularosa Road, Lompoc, CA 93436, USA
Comments: Descended from Henry Strickler, Columbia, Lancaster County. Father – Paul Meredith Strickler (son of Thomas Jefferson Strickler and grandson of Joseph Woodward Strickler)Mother – Helen Graham Strickler. I still have such wonderful memories of Strickler 02. Koebi, the pictures on the site bring many happy thoughts. Thank you to all of you who worked so hard on 02. Bert
Date: 25-04-2003
Name: Bradley James Strickler
From: 115 Fennell Street, Plattsville, Ontario, Canada
Comments: Formerly of Woodstock, Ontario Canada. Father: Randy Strickler of Woodstock Ontario. Grandfather:Harvey Strickler of Woodstock Ontario.
Date: 10-04-2003
Name: Frank Strickler
From: 950 S Broadmoor W, Covina, CA 91790, USA
Comments: Hi. I’m looking for information about the family of William Strickler. Both his parents were born in Virginia. He was born in Virginia about 1866. He was 44 years old, single, and living in New Mexico in 1910. By 1920, he was married to Eva L. Stickney. They were living in Deming, New Mexico. He died in 1921. They had two Children, Faraces and William. If you have any information, Please email or write.thanks in advance. Frank Strickler.
Date: 08-04-2003
Name: Richard K. Strickler
From: 301 Gum Tree Road, Coatesville, PA, USA
Comments: I am descended from Henry Strickler. My father was Richard W. Strickler son of Jacob E. Strickler and Flora Wallace. I have a daughter Aimee L. Strickler and a son Richard L. Strickler. All still reside in Pennsylvania.
Date: 29-03-2003
Name: Laura Strickler
From: Schwendenhaustr. 4, 8702 Zollikon, Switzerland
Comments: Ich finde diese Seite einfach super. Ich wollte naemlich schon lange wissen, wie das Strickler-Wappen aussieht. Laura Strickler.
Date: 12-03-2003
Name: Adolfo Maximiliano
From: Chaneton 1863, Neuquen, Argentina
Date: 09-03-2003
Name: Heinz Brodbeck
From: Schoenenberg, Zurich, Switzerland
Comments: Herzliche Gratulation zu Ihrer Superhomepage. Ich habe mir erlaubt auf meiner Homepage einen Link zur Strickler-Site einzubauen. Fuer Genealogie Brodbeck und Kommentare zum Zeitgeschehen go to: www.hbro.ch
Date: 28-02-2003
Name: Denise Guthrie
From: 5418 Bayou Blvd, Baytown, Tx, 77581, USA
Comments: My mother was a Strickler.
Date: 14-02-2003
Name: Frank Strickler
From: USA
Comments: My great grandfather was John Robert Strickler from Page county Va. He was in D Co. 7th Virginia Cavelry.
Date: 09-02-2003
Name: Violet Mae Strickler Schober
From: 2100 Oakmeadows Bedford,Tx 76021, USA
Comments: Father: John Robert Strickler, born: Fayetville,Arkansas. Grandfather: Tandy Kidd Strickler.
Date: 04-02-2003
Name: Nicholas A. Strickler
From: Reinholds, PA, USA
Comments: I was looking for family information for a school project and found this site. I am nine years old. My great-grandfathers name was Harvey Strickler from Lancaster County, PA.
Date: 25-01-2003
Name: David J. Strickler
From: Highland Village, Texas, USA
Comments: Stumbled accross a link which lead me to daniel strickler’s 2000 posting looks like were probably 2nd cousins. You can email me.
Date: 17-01-2003
Name: Janice Strickler Ensfield
From: 1330 Dracka Rd., Traverse City, MI 49684, USA
Comments: Hello Stricklers! Whast a great website! I am descended from Ulrich Strickler. My grandfather, Wesley Alvin Strickler, came from the Ontario, Canada group of Stricklers. He settled in NW Michigan, in the lower peninsula about 1900. I would like to get a copy of the book: „Strickler’s of Pennslyvaina“ if anyone knows where I can get one. Or, I would also download it if anyone can help. God bless the great Strickler family! Janice Ensfield.
Date: 14-01-2003
Name: Ann Strickler Doumas
From: 912 Marye St., Fredericksburg, VA, USA
Comments: I am descended from Abraham Strickler, early settler in Page County, Virginia. Gary Bauserman gave me a letter from Romi De Ambrosis-Strickler with your web site address.
Date: 05-01-2003
Name: Sauter-Boehm Petra
From: Bonhoefferstr. 17, 67435 Neustadt, Germany
Comments: Ich freue mich, dass ich den Artikel „Fluchtziele Pfalz“ hier lesen konnte. Ich komme aus Lachen-Speyerdorf einem Ortsteil von Neustadt/Weinstrasse, „der Perle der Pfalz“ und habe Strickler-Vorfahren aus „Waedenschwyl“. Der erste Strickler, der hier auftaucht heisst Rudolph Strickler, Sohn von Heinrich Strickler aus „Waedenschwyl im Zuercher Gebiet“. Er heiratet 1673 in Lachen-Speyerdorf die Elisabetha Frey, Tochter von Hans Hennerich Frey, aus „Birren im Berner Gebiet“.
Date: 27-12-2002
Name: Franklin B. Strickler
Comments: Grandson of William Lee Strickler from Page Virginia, any relatives feel free to E-Mail me.
Date: 25-12-2002
Name: Robert Strickler
From: USA
Comments: Merry Christmas! Health and happiness to all in the (hopefully) peaceful new year!
Date: 21-12-2002
Name: Candace
From: USA
Comments: Gotta love this website!! Could someone with access to the two Strickler books check to see if my ancestors are listed. MARTHA STRICKLER married JOHN LEYMAN WAKEFIELD on October 18, 1821 in Warren Co, Ohio, and they had 15 children. She is the daughter of JONATHAN STRICKLER and SARA MATTHEWS. She was born October 28, 1805 in Dauphin, Pennsylvania, and died July 19, 1879 in Peoria Co. Radnor twp, Illinois. Anyone interested in this family line, please feel free to e-mail me and I will share all I have. Anyone with more information for me, I await your e-mail with eager anticipation!!
Date: 15-11-2002
Name: Robert Strickler
From: 5055 Brimley Way, Sacramento, CA, USA
Date: 10-11-2002
Name: Tiffany Strickler
From: 431 Berckmans Road Augusta, GA 30909, USA
Comments: Hi! I was just wondering if I was related to you all in any sort of way!
Date: 03-11-2002
Name: Strickler Trudy & Jean
From: Opfikon, ZH, CH
Comments: Super Koebi. (Mich laust der A….). So schnell die Fotos vom OK-Abschlussessen, das ist wahrlich weltmeisterlich. An dieser Stelle nochmals an alle, mein grösster Dank. Von A bis Z hat alles zum Besten funktioniert und ist für alle Beteiligten sicher ein unvergesslicher Anlass gewesen. Nochmals BESTEN DANK. Jean
Date: 31-08-2002
Name: Strickler Jean & Trudy
From: Opfikon, ZH, CH
Comments: Hello, sali zäme. Ich möchte an dieser Stelle allen beteiligten von nah und fern, herzlich Danke schön sagen. Vorwiegend unseren 3 Hauptinitianten Romi, Köbi und Ferdi. Das Familientreffen war SUPER! Der Dank gehört selbstverständlich allen vom OK : Margrit, Walti, Peter und Cello. Ohne den Einsatz von allen wäre dies sehrwahrscheinlich nicht möglich gewesen. Selbstverständlich möchte ich auch all jenen danken, die auf irgendeiner weise an diesem Fest und der Ausstellung dazu beigetragen haben. Ich persönlich hoffe, dass es nicht allzu lange dauert, um wieder zusammenzukommen. Den 3 Hauptinitianten wünsche ich für die Zukunft viel Glück und Erfolg bei der Suche der Spuren unseren Ahnen. Bis zu einem anderem Zeitpunkt möchte ich mich jetzt ein bisschen zurückziehen. E schöni Zyt wünscht öi Jean.
Date: 12-08-2002
Name: Ronald D. Strickler
From: 304 Hwy. 22 Kinross, Iowa, USA
Comments: I am still very interested in hearing from any Strickler’s. My dad was Raymond Carl Strickler and he married Velma L. Herald. My grandfathers name was Carl R, Strickler. I am also interested in locating a Christopher Jon Strickler born in Oska;oosa Iowa in 1976.
Date: 08-08-2002
Name: Heinz Brodbeck
From: Schönenberg, ZH, CH
Comments: Allerherzlichste Gratulation zu Ihrer SuperHP. Der heutige Zeitungsartikel hat mich zum surfen animiert und ich verweilte etwa eine Stunde in der virtuellen Strickler-Welt. Die ist allerdings so gut organisiert, dass man sich nie verläuft und das Wandeln in der Stricklerschen Vergangenheit und Gegenwart zur reinen Freude gebiert – nur der Freiflug über „Strickler-Land“ hielt mich am Himmel fest; wie, wenn man nicht SWISS bucht: Rückflug nicht immer garantiert. Vermutlich liegt das Hängenbleiben an mir, dem Piloten, und nicht am Cockpit. Ich konnte der Versuchung nicht widerstehen, in Ihrer Ancestry Datanbank zu proben, ob ich oder meine weitere Familie irgendwelche Blutsbande zu Stricklers hat. Dem ist offensichtlich nicht so. Ich verabschiede mich deshalb als „fremde Fötzel“, danke für die virtuelle Gastfreundschaft und wünsche Ihnen allen viel Spass, manches Verbindende, die engen Grenzen Sprengendes mit den kommenden Strickler-Tagen – inbegriffen natürlich züriblaues Sommerwetter. Liebe Grüsse. Heinz Brodbeck.
Date: 29-07-2002
Name: Gregory Strickler
From: Rockville, MD, USA
Comments: I found this site the other day and thought it was very intresting. It is amazing how many relatives we all actually have that we all probally never knew. If you would like anyone can conact me any time. I would think it would be intresting to talk to relativnes in the area.
Date: 05-07-2002
Name: Clarissa Johal
From: USA
Comments: I’m trying to find my father/or his side of my family. His name is Joseph Clair Strickler, with a sister named Roma and two brothers. He was born in Michegan and served in Vietnam. Can anyone help me?
Date: 12-06-2002
Name: Romi De Ambrosis-Strickler
From: Asp, AG, CH
Comments: Hello Stricklers from „oversea“. Is there someone planning holidays in Europe in August? Would you like to assist at our big family meeting at August 24th and have a tour at the birthplace of our family name? Please have a look at „Strickler ’02“. Would be great to meet you!
Date: 06-06-2002
Name: Ric Strickler
From: 2107 Trail Ridge Ct., USA
Comments: Hello, again, to all Strickler cousins
Date: 03-06-2002
Name: Dustin Strickler
From: USA
Comments: www.dustinstrickler.com
Date: 18-05-2002
Name: Bruce W. Strickler
From: 1688 Juni Drive, Green Bay, WI 54302, USA
Comments: Was registered in 1997 thank God i was for a searcher Forn this and though my E-Mail had changed still found us Anwas able to share lots of info Father Jerrol of Ohio and Iowa Granfather Oliver Price of Iowa Grandfather Henry Price Strickler of Franklin County PA any more Info available please let me know.
Date: 18-05-2002
Name: Hiram (Hite) Strickler
From: Broken Arrow, OK, USA
Comments: Looking for Stricklers from Arkansas.
Date: 30-04-2002
Name: Teresa Kathryn Noaker (Strickler)
From: 1950 Portage Trail, Cuyahoga Falls, OH, USA
Date: 08-04-2002
Name: Jean Vezey
From: USA
Comments: Hi…i have a small watercolor signed A. Strickler dated 1933….my family is from Iowa…can anyone help me?
Date: 18-03-2002
Name: Rebecca Alderson Ornold
From: Lewisburg, WV 24901, USA
Comments: I am researching my family and found on the Alderson lineage Sarah Jane Strickler who was born on April 6, 1837 in Virginia or possibly born in what is now West Virigina …. she would have been a great grandmother. Glad to find a Strickler family web site! Thanks for providing it!
Date: 02-03-2002
Name: Ray Heistand
From: 8002 W.Fm 455 Celina, TX 75009, USA
Comments: I from the line of Barbara Strickler b 9 Jul 1648 and Ulrich Heistand. I am the 5th Great Grandson of their son Henry b 1704. Like to hear from all cousins.
Date: 25-02-2002
Name: Brian J. Strickler
From: Portland, OR, USA
Comments: I am still reading a lot of this and it is very interesting. I have yet to actually try to place where my part of the family comes into this. My greatgrand father is Daniel Edward Strickler born April 14, 1871 married to Elizabeth Cotter… not real sure on there date of marriage as of yet… I still need to get a hold of my greataunt to find out more info… My grandfather is Ola (Ole) Jake Strickler born March 2 1905 in Sweet Home, OR married to Beulah Eva McKern in Dec. 15, 1923… if you have any information I would very much appericate it… Thanks for the great web page! P.S. I was born in April 21, 1973 in Newport, OR.
Date: 18-02-2002
Name: Dr Mike Strickler
From: 24 James avenue, USA
Comments: Just happened to be doing a boy scout project with my nine year old son about geneology. Traced my roots back to Heinrick died 1761, who arrived in America from Rotterdam 10/10/1727. His roots can be traced to Rudi on the Strick (1350). That’s all I know. Anyone with info please reply. Thanks!
Date: 14-02-2002
Name: Richard Connell
From: Winter Park, Florida, USA
Comments: ALARIC AND SARAH JANE (STRICKLER) REEDER were my 2nd Great Grandparents. The marriage of ALARIC REEDER and SARAH JANE STRICKLER is recorded in Probate Court, Hamilton Co., OH: Restored Marriage Record A, 18, 1847, p. 147: license issued 14th June 1847; married 24th June 1847. – From Cincinnati, Ohio, City Vital Records (death record): „SARAH JANE STRICKLER; 2848 Mirtz Ave., Ward J; female white; date of birth 12 April 1831; died 78 years 9 months 3 days; Widow; Birth place Cincinnati, OH; Father JOHN STRICKLER, birth place PA; Mother ELIZABETH KISSINGER, birth place PA; Date of death January 15, 1909.“ John Strickler was b. abt. 1790, d. bef. 1850. Elizabeth (Kissinger) Strickler was b. abt 1792, d. prob. 18 Jul 1868, in Cincinnati. No knowledge of any other children of John & Elizabeth. Can anyone help me locate John and Elizabeth (Kissinger) Strickler in Pennsylvania?
Date: 13-02-2002
Name: Nicolas Strickler
From: Ch. des Pléiades 7, 1814 La Tour de Peilz, CH
Comments: Hello everybody ! I did not see any mention from Strickler who are coming from Stäfa / ZH. It is my origin place and I am looking for some details on Strickler who are living in the french part of Switzerland ! If you have any infromations about that matter…please e-mail me ! Kind regards to everybody – Nicolas.
Date: 07-02-2002
Name: Teri Goodell
From: USA
Comments: My Stricklers were from the Lancaster, PA area. I thought they’d come from Germany, but maybe I’m wrong! George Kelly Strickler married Alice Barbara Vallentine & their daughter, Sallie Alice married Martin Keller Kinports. I haven’t found too much about any of them. Does anyone else know?
Date: 04-02-2002
Name: Beat und Corinna Strickler
From: Stutzerstrasse 30, 6402 Merlischachen, CH
Comments: Wir freuen uns der Stricklerfamilie anzugehören und sind auf die Ausstellung im Sommer 02 sehr gespannt. Froh und heiter geht es weiter, alles Gute viel Spass und Freude Corinna und Beat – PS: Wir gehören zum Ast oder Zweig Lorenz Strickler; Menzingen.
Date: 28-01-2002
Name: James A. Strickler Jr.
From: P.O. Box 131, Star Junction, PA 15482, USA
Comments: My grandfather was William Earl Strickler Sr., he grew up on a farm which now is Vanderbilt, PA. He had ordered a book years ago containing lists of Stricklers. He managed to trace part of his family in this book, but the path he followed in it passed when he passed away. The book also contained an elaborate hand drawn picture of the „Strickler Coat of Arms“, which is much different than those that you have researched and found.
Date: 28-01-2002
Name: Tim and Dawn Strickler
From: 4843 N. 80th Dr. USA
Comments: Strickler name was from father Jim Strickler his father name was Lee A. Strickler married florence.
Date: 25-01-2002
Name: Glenn Ferree
From: 142 Lynbrook Dr. S. York, PA, USA
Comments: My mother maiden name was Strickler,from York, Pa.
Date: 16-01-2002
Name: Matthew Miller
From: USA
Comments: My mom’s last name was strickler before she got married, i am from East Tennessee and there are many Stricklers in that area, if you are interested on finding more Stricklers go to Kingsport, Tennessee.
Date: 11-01-2002
Name: Charles E. Strickler
From: Snow Hill, MD, USA
Comments: How interesting!
Date: 03-01-2002
Name: Lance Strickler
From: USA
Comments: This is cool!